Celtic Knot Bracelet Leather Turquoise Jasper Beaded Wrap (Silver Button)

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  • This Irish Celtic knot circle wrap is handcrafted with beautiful natural jasper beads sewn onto rustic antiqued chocolate strands of leather
  • Wraps 3 times 24" inches in length ( small to medium wrist)
  • Jasper reminds us to celebrate life and to realize that it is not too late to 'live a little'. It brings calm to difficult situations and to encourage us to relax and enjoy life.
  • The spiral Celtic knot symbolizes that all things are connected in an unbreakable chain of life, love, family, motherhood, mother daughter relationship. It brings the spiritual world closer to us.
Enjoy the rich colors reflecting from the jasper beads including turquoise green, rustic red and gold. Let these beautiful marbled beads bring creativity, strength and self-discipline into your life. While the mesmerizing swirl of repetitive patterns twisting and turning like waves and ropes capture the sacred look of Celtic jewelry.